About us

Natively is a free website dedicated to helping Japanese and Korean language learners engage with native content. While there's a lot of focus on teaching grammar and vocabulary, we feel learners are mostly left to themselves when transitioning into native content. We've found this to be terribly daunting and often dejecting. It shouldn't be that way! We aspire to make this transition easier.

Our Team

Currently there's only one member on our team, the sole developer and founder, Brandon Wirth. He's also a Korean language learner and he's been inspired by his own struggle with native content to build the site.

Will you always be free?

The site as you see it now will always be free. Anything you do for the community (reviews / difficulty grading) will always be free to the community. At some point, we will probably need to add a premium subscription in order to sustain ourselves and continue growing, but this will only be for additional features (potentially grammar lessons / book reading instructors - there are a variety of possibilities).

More questions?

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